Types of massage and methods of massage

Deep Tissue Massage

부산 1 인샵-krthaimassage.com The deep tissue massage style is similar to the Swedish massage style but with more pressure. This massage style is suitable for those who experience chronic muscle issues like imbalance, injury, and soreness. It relieves chronic muscle pain, tight muscles, and anxiety. This massage style might be more intense, but it doesn’t leave you with any form of soreness or pain.

This massage therapy involves slow strokes and deep finger pressure on connective tissues and the deepest layers of your muscle. This will relieve the tension in these areas and help you feel more relaxed. The process requires complete removal of clothes, but you can wear your underwear to feel more comfortable. The massage lasts for not more than 90 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage

This style of massage is similar to the Swedish massage style, suitable for those who have muscle aches and feel a lot of tension. This therapy will help you relax. Here, hot stones are used for the massage in place of or in addition to the hands. The technique will relieve pain in the body, improve blood flow and ease muscle tension. The therapy will also help you to relax well and eliminate stress.

The process involves the placement of heated stones on various parts of the body. While cold stones can be used in rare instances, the therapist uses the stones with the Swedish massage technique to massage and apply gentle pressure to different body parts. Clothes are not also worn for this process, but underwear can be used, and the massage lasts for up to 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage

This style of massage therapy is best suited for those who want to include emotional healing into their massage. The benefits of this massage include reduction of depression symptoms, reduction of stress and anxiety, improvement of mood, relief of pain, and muscle tension.  In this style of massage, a combination of soft and gentle pressure with the use of essential oils is used. These oils are of different types, often diluted before application on the skin. The therapist decides which oil they will use, or you can opt for the one you prefer.

This massage style is also a full body massage where your skin absorbs the essential oil, and you inhale it through a diffuser. This massage can also be focused on certain parts of the body (like the shoulders, head, and back) on some occasions. No form of clothing is allowed except underwear as you desire, and the process lasts for not more than 90 minutes.

Trigger Point Massage

This massage type of massage is best for persons with chronic pain, injuries, a specific condition, or an issue. The pains that come from this injury are connected to trigger points in the body that are affected by the tightening of muscle tissue. The therapist focuses on relieving trigger points in this type of massage to reduce pain.

So this massage style makes use of broad strokes flowing through the affected areas. The strokes are relaxing and gentle and sometimes combined with deeper pressure. The massage style involves full-body work, but the therapist will also focus on particular areas of the body that needs to be released. Lightweight clothing can be worn for this massage or if you prefer partial or full undressing. The duration of the massage is between 60 – 90 minutes.